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On Sunday, Paul Sandford led the ceremony for Imbolc in the woods at Studham. I did my Bardic training last year and on Sunday I did the beggining of my Vatic training by calling to the four directions for the group. It was a lovely afternoon filled with song, poetry and good company

Taliesin Monument

For all of those who came to our camp last year and who will be joining us again this year, this may be of interest.
On a small hill overlooking Lake Geirionydd, which is near our camp, stands the Taliesin Monument, commemorating the sixth century bard Taliesin. (C.534-c.599)
He was the earliest poet of the Welsh language. His work survived and is often referred to as Taliesin Ben Beirrd (Taliesin, Chief of bards)
Chief bard in the courts of three kings of Britain, he is associated with the book of Taliesin which is a text from the tenth century containing his poems.
He lived on the shores of Llyn Geirionydd, where he is buried.
The monument was erected in 1850 and restored after being damaged by lightning.
The site was chosen by the great Bard, poet Gwilym Cowlyd for his annual ‘Arwest’; a cultural festival similar to an Eisteddfod.