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Come camping in beautiful Wrexham in North Wales from 22nd - 24th July 2016

Workshop Leaders

The Reverand Paul Sandford

Paul is an Interfaith Minister, Arch Druid + Shamanic Practioner. He will be leading the opening ceremony and another on Saturday,IMG_0626around the campfire.
Paul will be taking individual appointments for Rune Readings + Spiritual  Counselling on Saturday. All consultations + readings are in included in the price of camp. Please make appointments with Paul when you book.
Paul has had a two page spread in the Times, The Sun, and has been on Wake up with Wogan with his new company Rhythm of Life.
Paul is a full Patron of SpiritSeekers Camps.

Steve Molyneuxphoto-2

Steve spent 7 years working in medical research and was a full on conventional scientist till he read ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay’, which said We create all our diseases by the way we think and behave

Steve has spent all his time since informing people at gatherings of what he learned consequently. He is now a philosopher, speaker + writer.

Steve’s workshop will be on Positive + Negative Thinking and will instruct us how to create the Reality that we want.

Further details of the above can be found in ‘The Ameril Philosophy’, which you can download from




Myella Jayne McCarthy

Myella Jayne McCarthy is a published author and has many years experience in writing poetry, short stories and novels. She has had much of her poetry published and and her novel BREAK has just been accepted by a publishing company.

Janet Edwards

Janet teaches pottery + will be tutoring a fun class at our camp, so come along and try your hand at making something to take away with you. Children will love it!!

Janet’s workshop will be on Saturday


Hilary Forde-Chalkley


Hilary is a published author and will be tutoring the Creative Writing Course in Wales this year. The course content will focus on Characterisation, Show not Tell and the Importance of Dialogue. She is a member of the Freelance Media Group organised by Jane Bidder/Sophie King who meet in London at the Groucho Club every month for talks by speakers in the publishing industry. Hilary is also a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and has an ebook on Amazon entitled Escapades of Love. Hilary is currently working on her next Novel.





photo-2 (2)

Gareth Bilton

Join Gareth and discover the traditional uses for some commonly found hedgerow plants andhow to responsibly utilise these gifts from nature to help boost your health and well-being through the creation of simple, yet effective, home remedies.


Gareth Bilton BSc (Hons) owns Green Man Healing and is a Naturopathic Physician and Complementary Therapist who recognises the great importance of connecting with Nature and the Earth to form a reciprocal relationship and initiate the self-healing process. This healing process is then further facilitated by Gareth through the bespoke therapies he practises which harness the precious, natural pharmacy that we have been blessed with.
You are invited to join Gareth in honouring the elemental Faery and Nature spirits through creation of your very own magickal wand in this fun workshop. Channel a more specific energy through adding a crystal tip, add feathers to work with the sylph spirits of the air – the choice is yours! Natural materials are provided for you to really personalise your unique gift from Nature.

Sue Bryceland


Sue has been visiting the Camp in Wales for several years, and enjoys the peaceful time in
nature and the connection with like-minded friends. She is experienced at running creative workshops and currently works with young people in an educational setting.


This year Sue is offering a session on Creating a Vision Board, which is about reflecting on our values and what is important to us, also exploring what is good in our lives currently and where we would like change. The aim of the workshop is to have fun and create something personal to you.  Feel free to come along and remember to bring an open mind!




Tiffani Vinyard

Tiffani Vinyard spends most of her time teaching various musical instruments. Travelling around to different schools, she loves to teach her students how to play African Djembe’s, Ukulele, Guitar, Singing and Piano.
After achieving her first degree in music performance with performing arts, she has been performing professionally as a singer ever since.
She has a flare and enthusiasm for each of her subjects and loves to get lost in African Drumming and Chanting.
She is now studying medicine and will qualify in a few years, becoming a doctor.


Annie Day

Annie Day is a Belief Change Practitioner. She has been a therapist for several years and has studied many healing disciplines . See her website for more details.


At camp, Annie will be facilitating a Crystal Healing Workshop and a Belly Dancing class, so bring along you swirly skirts and coin belts!

Friday and Saturday Evenings Around The Campfire

After settling in, join us for a relaxing evening around the fabulous campfire where on Friday Paul will welcome everyone to camp with a tribute to the lovely environment. If you have any instruments, please bring these along. You can show off your skills or play along to the songs and even dance if you wish. Having fun is mandatory!On Friday evening, Paul will lead the opening ceremony, which will consist of the Celtic Wheel, seeking vision from the Four Winds, chanting and singing. There will also be a Chakra Clearing workshop.

On Saturday evening, Paul will conduct the ceremony of Calan Awst (Lughnagadh) (Harvest Festival)
Here we will honour this productive time of the year with poetry, storytelling, harvest bread, honouring our ancestors, calling to the four directions and giving thanks for an abundant harvest. If anyone would like to bring along poetry, stories, singing, or an instrument to play to help us celebrate, please feel free. This ceremony will last around 2hours or more.


The Bistro will be open for a short time later in the evening on Saturday and Sunday if you fancy a hot cuppa and a snack before retiring.