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Come camping in beautiful Wrexham in North Wales from 2nd - 4th August 2019

Workshop Leaders

The Reverand Paul Sandford20130226-211554.jpg

Paul is an Interfaith Minister, Arch Druid + Shamanic Practioner.. He will be leading the opening ceremony on Friday evening. which will consist on opening the space and chanting into the four directions. we will offer seeds to the nature spirits and honour our ancestors with incense, finishing with celebrating the Gods and the deities with a celtic horn of mead.
On Saturday evening, Paul will lead a Celtic Druid ceremony, where he will facilitate a shamanic journey based on the Irish Spirit Wheel. Facing the North, we embrace the essence of darness, so we understand and face our fears, thereby empowering ourselves. Then we face the East, where the sun rises. The East represents renewal, regeneration, hope and something new coming into oru lives. We then turn to the south, where the sun is in its zenith. This represents abundance of nature and the people in our lives. The spiritual lesson of this is gratitude.
Lastly, we come to the West, where the sun goes down. This represents letting go of things that no longer serve you ad reaping what you have sewn. 
Paul will be taking individual appointments for Rune Readings + Spiritual  Counselling on Saturday. All consultations + readings are in included in the price of camp. Please make appointments with Paul when you book.
Paul has had a two page spread in the Times, The Sun, and has been on Wake up with Wogan with his new company Rhythm of Life.
Paul is a full Patron of SpiritSeekers Camps.

Jennetta Starling20130226-211554.jpg

Jennetta will be facilitating a Water Colour Painting Workshop. She trained as an Art teacher at St. Mary’s Teacher Training College, in Cheltenham. Sh has taught Art for West Herts College at the Dacorum site in Hemel and venues in Watford, and given courses for D.C.F.L. (Dacorum Communities for Learning) at Warners End Community Centre and in Chorleywood. Jennetta loves all drawing and painting media, but at the camp, she will be concentrating on water-colour. Jennetta enjoys seeing adults make a picture from start to finish, whether they are beginners, or more experienced. How to get started? Can you achieve a water-colour painting in only two days? Jennetta believes you can!

Outline of the course

The course will deal with instructions for ‘stretching’ one’s water-colour paper and leaving it to dry. this will take place at dawn on the first day. The water-colour paper will dry while people go to their other choices of morning activity. Depending on the weather in the afternoon, we shall either scatter in a not too widely separated group amongst the trees, or wherever candidates feel they have found a scene, or detail, they would like to draw and paint, or if the weather is not conducive, assemble indoors to study a still-life arrangement. Two hours’ work to be begun and continued on the first day.

On day two complete the picture and, if desired and enough time remains, try another one, perhaps smaller for a quicker result. If this is the case, the artist would have stretched their paper earlier, using their judgement on how long drying would take. Ideally, some arrangement for bringing frames may be made then a closing exhibition could be held!





Mary Jane McCarthy

Myella Jayne McCarthy is a published author and has many years experience in writing poetry, short stories and novels. She has had much of her poetry published, an article published and has just completed an MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University, London. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, London Chapter.

Janet Edwards

Janet teaches pottery + will be showing children and adults alike how to make a green man, which you can take away with you. However, if you want to make something else, that is fine, Janet will help you. Children will love it!!

Janet’s workshop will be on Saturday


Hilary Forde-Chalkley


Hilary is a member of the RNA and has achieved an MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University, London. Hilary will be tutoring Creative Writing on Saturday and Sunday morning. The course content will focus on Characterisation, Show not Tell and Editing Your Manuscript. (Please find more about the course content on the Creative Writing page.)






Sue Bryceland


Sue has been visiting the Camp in Wales for several years, and enjoys the peaceful time in
nature and the connection with like-minded friends. She is experienced at running creative workshops and currently works with young people in an educational setting.


This year Sue is offering a session on Creating a Vision Board, which is about reflecting on our values and what is important to us, also exploring what is good in our lives currently and where we would like change. The aim of the workshop is to have fun and create something personal to you.  Feel free to come along and remember to bring an open mind!




Tiffani Vinyard

Tiffani Vinyard spends most of her time teaching various musical instruments. Travelling around to different schools, she loves to teach her students how to play African Djembe’s, Ukulele, Guitar, Singing and Piano.
After achieving her first degree in music performance with performing arts, she has been performing professionally as a singer ever since.
Tiffani travels the world working on healing retreats, giving healing to others in addition to training other practioners in Reiki and Crystal Healing.
At camp, Tiffani will be facilitating a workshop on Crystal Cave Meditation and another on Reiki Drum Healing, coupled with Shamanic drumming and singing.


Friday and Saturday Evenings will be spent around the campfire


The Bistro will be open for a short time later in the evening on Saturday and Sunday if you fancy a hot cuppa and a snack before retiring.