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If you would like to sponsor our Spiritseekers Retreats through our Spiritual Patronage Sponsorship scheme, here are the details.


Annual Sponsors of the Retreats are called Spiritual Matrons and Patrons

There are different levels of Spiritual Patronage which have different levels of entitlements

If you Sponsor the events with an annual donation of £100+ you are titled as a Spirit Patron/Matron of the Spirit Seekers Retreat for the given time running to the event itself.

Full Spirit Patronage

Full Spirit Patronage entitles you in most advertisements and the website of the Spiritseekers Camps to have your name, association/trade and website or an email address on most Documents where possible. Also during the Camp, your Spirit Matronage/Patronage is addressed at the opening and closing of ceremony in gratitude of your genoristy and support of the Retreat.

Associate Spirit Patron/Matron

An Associate Spirit Patron/Matron is a Sponsor of the event with an annual donation starting at £50 to £99.

Associate level lists your sponsorship on the official website but not on any paper or other documentation such as leaflets, posters… Associate Sponsorship is also mentioned at the opening and closing of ceremony in gratitude of your genoristy and support of the Retreat.


(Full and Associate Spiritual Sponsors are people who are supporters of the Retreats, which without sponsorship the retreats may not be available for the coming year, due to financial cost of covering the event. Spiritual Matronage/Patronage is a special thing to do, as not only do all those involved know of your kind generosity to the event but also you can advertise your profession/trade within the event and on all advertisements. It is important to note that Sponsorship is non-refundable and does not entitle you to be involved in any of the organisational aspects of the event, however your views will be deeply valued. You may choose to remove your Sponsorship at any time, which you need to put in writing, and your name will be removed as much as possible with respect. However the donation is not refundable. In a similar way the Organiser of the retreat has the right to refuse your sponsorship or if there are issues of serious misconduct, your name as a sponsor can be removed at any time and again the donation is not refundable).