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Writing Retreat

Join us for our weekend writing retreat where we will explore 3 fundamental elements of creative writing in detail.


Hone your craft and enjoy the beautiful surroundings


Course Content


Building your characters and making them believable is essential to your story. To lift your characters off the page, you need to give them depth and show their individuality. Your tutor will help you create a character profile which will include every aspect of their personality including looks, dress sense, nuances, character defects, likes and dislikes, emotional traits and habits etc. You will build a comprehensive list, and learn why this is relevant.

Show Not Tell

This is one of the hardest things to achieve in a story, yet it is vital to get the right balance, in order to enthral the reader and produce intriguing prose. Your tutor will explain the importance of creating a scene with the right amount of action and detail. This is essential to your writing.

Edit Your Manuscript

When your narrative is finally at an end, it is important to edit your manuscript before you submit to an agent or a publisher. Your tutor will give you tips on how to achieve this to make your writing the best it can be.


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